What Is Organic Agriculture?

Organic agriculture is one of the best upcoming and trending agriculture practices used all over the world. It is native to India and has been successfully implemented since the ancient and middle ages till today’s date. It is a well-known farming technique used by farmers all around the world for the purpose of a sustainable environment and to generate a fixed profitable source. There is a vast history reliant on organic farming.

Organic farming image
Organic agriculture!


The questions still remain. What is the importance of organic farming?
In this article, there are solutions to all your questions with adequate information.

To start with the beginning, eco-farming consists of the utilization of natural fertilizers and pesticides. To maintain the health of the habitat the use of synthetic manures is avoided. It is also mandatory to restrict the usage of genetically modified plantations and organisms.
Conventional farming comes with diverse health side effects and lifespan limitations, while organic farming benefits are so vital. Organic agriculture practices assist to overcome the problem by using natural materials from the initial development of crops to the harvesting of the final product. The primary goal of biological culture is to form a sustainable production system that supports the fertility of the soil, and also helps to maintain the health of the community.

Organic farming methods
Organic agriculture using a cultivator

Why organic agriculture is better than conventional techniques?

Organic farming is a natural source to maintain the vitamin levels of the crop or vegetables. It is now tested that goods produced from chemical-free farming techniques tend to have much higher levels of vitamins and can be stored for a long time period without the uncertainty of losing minerals and other sources present in it.


Modern farming techniques include modification of certain crops and vegetables in order to achieve faster growth. This promotes the growth of health-related diseases as it uses more chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Eco-friendly farming is based on natural resources and crop rotations. It does not include such modification practices and uses organic fertilizers.


Harsh fertilizers degrade the fertility of the soil and eventually attack the crop. Organic techniques consist of the use of animal manure and soil-friendly pesticides which contribute to better soil fertility levels and higher productivity.

The organic farming project has been followed since ancient times, hence it uses natural crop rotation methods and natural manures and cultivating techniques that enhance the final production. It benefits the farmers by spending fewer amounts of funds and getting the superior quality products back in their inventory.

Leafy vegetables
Organic agriculture produces healthy veggies!

Also, there are a variety of other reasons why natural farming is popular nowadays. But despite being so innovative, what is natural cultivation based on? What are its growth factors in reality?

There are a large number of elements that organic agriculture is dependent on. The major components of it are listed down below.

Consumer awareness 

 One of the most important as well as promoting factors related to organic agriculture is the popularity of vital products among the consumer market. The consumer market is a constantly changing prototype and needs natural things in order to get eminent.
It is advantageous in health as well as in maintaining the economics of a family. Due to its positive effects, people are encouraging more people to invest in organic products rather than artificial and processed foods.

Functioning citizenry 

Organic foods are a little more expensive than processed foods, but the running economical situations make the consumer acquire these types of food products. More urbanization and good budget conditions of a nation stimulate the people to think about organic stuff in their grocery lists.
In recent years, farmers and many agroforestry organizations are supporting contract farming. The farmers are able to achieve a sustainable profit source by using contract production and consulting with various top-notch agriculture organizations that help them to understand the level of farming in today’s market. This strengthens the economic budgets of the nation, which helps to facilitate farmers in return.

Nature servings 

Nature has played an important role in ecological farming since the middle ages. Organic production and its methods are primarily based on nature. The complete process of cultivation to harvesting is successful without the use of any artificial processes.
Enough rain and strong animal manures can boost your crop production with proper rotations of 3-5 years. Despite natural calamities, it is possible to produce organic goods in small houses or shelters providing them enough sunlight and water supply.

Organization support

Farmers are receiving all-around support from different agriculture-based companies. They are obtaining different raw materials including crops and plants from farmers straight for their production and research respectively.
Companies are willing to invest their time and funds in farmers providing them technical support and various training. Agro-forestry companies also benefit farmers by giving them a straight market linkage through a new contract farming basis without the need of a middleman. As the research grows it becomes a win-win situation for both farmers and companies simultaneously.



Overall, organic farming is beneficial for both mankind and the progress of a nation. Even though it consists of little more financial support but the output is much greater to expect in return. It is always better to invest in one’s health always. This puts to an end of this article and I hope it gives you an idea about what is organic agriculture And why it is widespread again amongst the community. Stick to this for more such articles, blogs, and information about agriculture.