Scope of Organic Farming in India

The scope of organic farming in India is increasing day by day, the main reason behind the increase in organic farming is due to new research made in the field of agriculture. This new research has helped the farmer to cultivate more crops than traditional farming methods. New Techniques focus on increasing the quality of the soil.

There is a huge difference between conventional farming and organic farming in sales. As many people have started focusing on their health. Products produced from conventional methods are now considered to be of lower quality when compared to the ones produced from organic farming. India has been adopting various methods to increase its export value. In that context, the agricultural sector takes the major part. Export of rice, cereals, cotton, etc was previously exported, but profits gained were less. Now, due to organic farming the cost of production being less, allows you to have more profit which indirectly affects the government’s export value in a positive way.

As the demand will go on increasing and so the farmers will get more profit. This opens up opportunities for many new entrepreneurs in India with a huge response from the consumers.

scope of organic farming in india

Why Organic Farming in India?

The government of India is now majorly into the development of the environment and agriculture. Organic farming binds both of them in one pack. Since organic farming uses only bioproducts which are completely safe for the soil and the environment, the objective of the eco-friendly concept is achieved.

Here are some Government Scheme for promoting organic farming

Opportunities in Organic farming Bussiness

  • In organic farming, there is the various field you can specialize one of the particular category/fields. By doing this you will have a clear focus on one field and you can be a leader in the market.
  • Organic medicines are another group of products that will generate more income. The shift is not to organic food alone, medicines are also taken when it is organically produced. The medical field is now prescribing organic medicines for patients to have a faster recovery. If farming alone is not your aim, you can work with researchers or Biotech professionals to come up with new formulas of medicines with your organic products. Here, you are elevating the business from raw materials to the next level of finished goods.
  • Organic farming is a newly emerging concept with huge success and this newness can be used to increase your profits. From a business view, the demand for these products increases when the supply is less. Therefore, prices can be higher than the normal prices and this will not affect your sales. From reports, it is said that there are fewer outlets for buying organic products and this means there is a mismatch in supply and demand.

Which is the most valuable organic crop?

If you are a new bee in Organic farming then you should first try to cultivate rice and species. You may know that Rice and species from India has huge demand in European countries so you try to grow these crops to get regular income

Secondly, you can also grow cereals and pulse it do has demands but it has a bit less demand than the other two.


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