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According to Wikipedia, Organic fertilizers are derived from animal matter, human excreta and vegetable matter. Organic Farming mainly relies on cycling organic matter to maintain soil fertility. The organic materials in your garden are more environmentally friendly than most chemical fertilizers will ever be. Organic fertilizers are usually made up of single ingredients and can be matched to your particular needs.


Organic vs Inorganic fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers Inorganic Fertilizers
Organic manure contain only plant or animal-based materials that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes, such as manures, leaves and compost Inorganic fertilizers also referred to as synthetic fertilizers, are manufactured artificially and contain minerals or synthetic chemicals
The biggest advantage of organic fertilizer is that the danger of over-fertilization is reduced as the nutrients are released slowly and hence they are available over a longer period and only a few applications are required Over-fertilization using Chemical-based inorganic manure will cause harm to the plants
Organic manure improves the soil by escalating the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients and decreases the erosion and soil crusting caused by rain and wind Inorganic fertilizers provide plant nutrients in a readymade form and release the nutrients quickly so that the plants can get the nutrients as soon as possible
Organic fertilizers continue to improve the soil even after the plants have taken the nutrients they need and therefore, the longer the soil is fed with organic lawn fertilizers, the better its composition and texture will be As Inorganic manure tend to leach, excessive use can lead to a buildup of salts in the soil, causing damage to the plant

Different types of Organic fertilizers


  • Plant-based fertilizers contain plant-based byproducts or end products of some naturally occurring process. A good example would be compost produced from fruit/vegetable peelings or leaves.
  • Cottonseed meals, Compost tea, kelp seaweed are some good plant-based organic lawn fertilizers.
Organic fertilizer cottonseed meal
Cottonseed meal


  • Animal-based fertilizers contain animal-based byproducts or end products of some naturally occurring process. A good example would be chicken manure, bonemeal or cow dung.
  • Blood meal, bonemeal, fish products, are some good animal-based organic manure.


  • Mineral-based fertilizers are naturally occurring sources of nutrients, that are useful for plants.
  • Nitrogen, potassium, phosphate(rock phosphate) have proved to be some really good mineral-based fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers Market

Here is a list of some Certified Organic Fertilizer manufacturers:

  • ITALPOLLINA: Founded in 1971 Italy, this company offers organic, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium manure; bio-stimulants; leaf liquid integrators; and amino acids.
  • TATA Chemicals Limited: Founded in 1939 in India, it offers inorganic Chemicals, Fertilizers, Other Agri Inputs, and Others. The Company offer organic manure through manure segment under the Paras brand name.
  • Multiplex Group: Founded in 1973 in India, this company offers Organic Manure, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, and Bio-activators.
  • Coromandel: Founded in 1961 in India, the Company offers Phosphatic Fertilizers, Crop Protection Products, and Speciality Nutrients.
  • ILSA: Founded in 1976 Italy, the Company offers a wide range of organic nitrogen manure, plant growth enhancers, and plant resistance inductors for both conventional and organic agriculture.
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro: Founded in 1868, the Company offers lawn care products including lawn fertilizers, grass seed products, spreaders, other durable products, and outdoor cleaners.
  • SIGMA: Founded in 2007 USA, the Company offers granular biofertilizers, liquid biostimulants, and organic granular fertilizers for conventional farming, organic farming, nursery, greenhouse, orchard, turf, and landscape markets
  • Biolchim: Founded in 1972 Italy, the Company offers Specialties Products, Meso and Micronutrients, Foliar NPCs, Fertigation Products, Granular Specialties, and Complementary Products
  • Camson Bio Technologies: Founded in 1990 USA, the company is involved in manufacturing and marketing of natural fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, and biostimulants.


Organic manure is naturally occurring, or products made from naturally occurring entities. They have a lot of benefits over Inorganic fertilizers and are often given more preference.

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