Impact of Organic Farming in India

Today we are going to discuss the impact of organic farming on different aspects of life. before discussing this let us first have a look at what exactly organic farming is?

What is Organic farming?

Organic farming is not a new farming technique. Organic farming is an agricultural system that originated early in the 20th century. In this technique, there was no use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this agriculture system, only organic fertilizers and chemicals were used. Organic fertilizers are those which are prepared naturally.

Examples of organic fertilizers are manure, slurry, worm castings, peat, seaweed, and guano. Some naturally occurring minerals such as mine rock phosphate, sulfate of potash, and limestone are also considered Organic Fertilizers.

Difference between organic farming and conventional farming

The main difference between organic farming and conventional farming is that conventional farming relies on chemical intervention to fight against pests and weeds, and thus provide nutrition for plants. These chemical fertilizers include synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Organic farming is completely the opposite of this Organic farming relies on natural principles like biodiversity and composting instead to produce healthy, abundant food.

You may have got a clear difference between organic farming and conventional farming

Impact of organic Farming

Now lets us discuss the importance of organic farming in our life

  1. Impact of organic farming on Health
  2. Impact of organic farming on Environment
  3. Impact of organic farming on Economy

Impact of Organic Farming on Health

You may get an idea regarding how organic farming is done. The yield which we get from this field is known as organic food. This food is free from all harmful chemicals so by eating this food you can improve your health.

Some of the Health benefits of organic food are it improves overall health, improves heart condition, gives antibiotic resistance, helps to build a strong immune system, and organic food also has good taste.

Impact of Organic Farming on Environment

Organic farming is also helping our environment in various ways. Some of the important factors are organic farming reduces exposure to pesticides and chemicals. Organic farming also helps to build healthy soil. When chemicals and pesticides are sprayed in the field it does contaminates the soil, water as well as air. Other benefits are it helps in combatting erosion, supports animal health and welfare, and do encourages biodiversity.

Impact of organic farming on Economy

Now many people have started eating organic food because nowadays everyone is concern about their health. The problem that arises here is there are very few farmers who grow food organically so demand is increasing day by day and supply is getting lesser so the cost of organic food is high. So I think it may be profitable for many farmers to start growing food organically.

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