How To Throw Organic Waste

Organic farming at home does come with a cost. Organic waste, also known as biodegradable waste is made up of natural ingredients such as animal or plant waste, human waste, livestock excretes, and much more. If you are a serious farmer and have an organic farm in Mumbai, then it is casual to have natural waste as a result of your fresh goods. Then the question arises, how to get rid of the organic waste? Well, in this article we will give you few ways to throw organic waste in the right ways to prevent harm to our mother nature.

How to throw organic waste
Organic waste is 2x more useful


Yes, you read it right. One of the righteous ways to use waste collection bins is to recycle them. Research says that the garbage pickup trucks and the trash pickup authorities are not able to recycle the garbage to the maximum level. Only 12% of the total organic waste is fully recycled through an organic recycling bin.

Organic waste recycling
Recycling is more helpful for nature.

There are 2 main reasons behind recycling natural waste instead of throwing it out in the open or burning/burying them in the landfill. Throwing out is not the ideal way to deal with hazardous waste disposal. Burying food scraps and other organic waste in one landfill does not work out as you need it to be. Due to lack of oxygen, the waste does not get decompose properly and produces gases like methane which is harmful to the environment. That is why having a recycle can is a boon for small-scale farmers.

4 ways to throw organic waste 


Organic composting is a beneficial way of using the organic waste back for our farming needs. Kitchen waste compost can be used as an organic fertilizer for your garden plants or in the greenhouse also.

It is quite an easy but timebound process of making compost from a kitchen composter. If you don’t have a composter at your home, do not worry there are other ways of composting waste. You can read more about how to compost food leftovers and kitchen waste from scratch by clicking here. It mainly focuses on “at-home composting” strategies.

Modern waste bin 

Waste bins are highly recommended if you want to segregate the waste on your own. In some places, it is impossible to reach for waste pickup trucks and separate the wet waste from dry ones. So it becomes necessary for the householders to separate the inorganic waste from organic waste.

Here comes the modern waste bin. These types of waste bins separate your waste and make it easier to load it into the truck. Although it is quite pricey but makes your work much smoother and helps to clean the surroundings.

Feeding livestock 

Ever thought you can feed your wet waste to the animal and plants around you? The answer is yes. Animals and plants can eat 90% of your total thrown organic waste. They have the high digestion power that helps them breakdown these substances and convert them to energy.

Composting plants is one of a good example that sustains onto banana peels and other organic constituents. These plants absorb the thrown waste and make good compost for you by feeding themselves on the waste.


You may have heard about the usage of worms for vermicomposting. You can use worms not only for ready-to-make at-home compost but also for decomposing your food materials. Worms are the fastest organism that breakdowns big food materials into smaller ones for further use.


Final verdict 

Coming to the conclusion, it is always better to recycle your waste whether it’s inorganic or organic. Recycling waste is one of the powerful techniques to help sustain mankind. Recycling assists financially as well as globally.

These were few methods to throw organic waste and make them useful for the human race.

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