How to start Organic Farming at Home in India?

In normal farming, chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides are used. These harmful chemicals get inside our body through the vegetables and fruits which we eat. Thus this gives rise to many deadly diseases.

If you want to live a healthy life then you should also start eating organic food. Organic food is a type of food that is grown without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Now the question arises where you will get organic food? The answer is simple it is also available in markets and there are many online stores that sold organic food.

There is another option that is interesting, You can start your own organic home farm. If you have a terrace then you can make your farm their which is known as terrace gardening. If you have a small area in the backyard you can make your farm there.

Start organic farming
organic farming in India

How to start organic farming at home?

If you want to start your own organic farm in your backyard and want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables then you are in right place.

First of all when you want to start your own farm in the backyard then you will need pots you can use pots made up of plastic, cement, or clay. I will recommend you to use Clay plots for better growth of the plant. Clay pots are the best for growing plants. According to the size of pots, its prices may differ.

If you want to grow a flowering plant then you have to use rectangular pots. If you want to grow vegetables that are grown on vines make use of a big container. If you don’t want to purchase pots then you can make use of plastic bags and cans.

How to prepare Organic soil?

Plants can be grown only in soil but for the best results in pots, we need nutrition-rich, well-drained soil. For making soil you need to make use of Garden soil 50%, cow dung compost, or the vermicompost and coco peat/sand 20% and also mix 2 handfuls of neem cake powder or neem Khali which acts as an organic fungicide.

How to make a lightweight soil mixture?

If you want to do terrace gardening then you need to make your soil in this way. Coco peat 50%, garden soil 20%, Perlite 10%, and vermicompost 20% also add 2 handfuls of neem cake powder.

Before planting your plant don’t forget to make holes in pots if holes are not present then due to excess water plant may die.

While planting a plant add a one-inch layer of gravel or fine stones. This layer is to stop soil to drain out with soil. Then add soil into your pots and water the soil 2 to 3 times to remove the air pocket. Don’t fill pot fully with soil keep 2 to 3-inch space it will avoid spilling of soil.

You should buy good quality hybrid seeds for the best result in pots. Instead of sowing seeds directly into the soil make use of a germination tray.

Which Organic fertilizers you can use?

How to prepare a mixture of germination tray?

To make a germination mixture take Coco peat 60% and Vermicompost 40% then mix this well and fill the germination tray.

To achieve germination quickly keep the seeds in water for one day. Sow seed 2 the thickness inside the soil. Don’t sow them deeper otherwise, it will take more time to germinates.

When plants grow take out that plant from the germination tray and plant it in containers or pots. Kindly don’t try to grow more plants in one pot. If you do so the plants will compete with each other for nutrients and plants will don’t grow properly.

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I hope you have got the idea related to how to start Organic Farming at Home? If you have any questions you can comment below.

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