How To Make Homemade Plant Food From Kitchen Waste

Compost bin containing organic fertilizer includes a mixture of plants and animal feces, and sometimes human excreta. It is highly powerful in terms of the fertility of the land. In today’s lifetime, homemade plant food from kitchen waste is being used a lot since it needs less raw material requirement.

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Kitchen waste compost made easier!


There are various types of organic fertilizers. Yet, kitchen waste is feasible to compost and useful regarding the preparation of natural fertilizer. Compost manure comprises less nitrogen and phosphorus amounts. Such garden fertilizer for plants is beneficial for the growth of the organic stock.


5 steps to create homemade plant food from kitchen waste

Separate your waste 

       First things first, separate your total household waste into at least 2 dustbins. One for kitchen waste and the other for dry wastes like glass, paper, etc. This not only helps to manage the waste for the trash pickers but also cleans your home as you want.

Kitchen leftovers are high in nitrogen, which is good for making quality compost. It is necessary to maintain an appropriate balance between green and brown balance for your compost to develop righteous amounts of homemade plant food.

Get ready with green and brown balance 

      Green mixture is your kitchen leftovers and brown mixture includes the things to add to your compost to make it useful for plants. Brown mixture are the ingredients rich in carbon including straw, small wood chips, or sawdust. If you are looking for a ready brown mixture then it is highly recommended to go for dead leaves as waste because it contains high amounts of carbon in them.

Have a bucket or a small container 

    Now, put all of the mixtures in a bucket size container or a small bucket. Ensure that the materials in the mixture are finely thin and shredded because it is a hard process for natural organisms to decompose the larger things. Also, drill 4-5 holes from each side on your bucket to let the air in for the mixture.

After putting all the stuff into one pit, mix it 3-4 times to provide it the required air.

Shower with water 

    Keep in mind that the container you used does not dry out. It produces a bad odor and the whole manure becomes unusable. Add some water to the composition, but not too much only to keep it moist to a certain level.

Too much water can ruin your complete mixture in a few hours, but water is essential for the composition process as well. So, moist the mixture and don’t fill it with water. In between the period, do not forget to stir up the mixture as it absorbs the air required for quality manure.

Organic fertilizer
With organic nutrients, it is easy to compost natural fertilizer!

Homemade plant food is ready! 

After some days, once the mixture stops producing heat and looks brownish in color,  it is finally ready to use for manure purposes. Depending upon the temperature and procedure, this whole process needs 2-3 months to complete. The results are astonishing and valuable!

For a faster process, you can add semi-composted soil to your mixture as well.


Things to care about

One of the important things people are mistaken about is inappropriate water quantity. It is essential to check your kitchen waste compost daily and secure that it does not dry out completely(you can use a kitchen composter for that). Add a little size of water to your mixture when it seems dried out to you.

Never add cooked food cause it contains less amount of nitrogen and other organic nutrients. It also gives a bad odor to the mixture.

Diseased plants, batteries, and other electronic material, raw meat, are some things to avoid during the making of organic manure from kitchen waste.

Make sure the organic manure is getting enough air to let the heat out else it will take longer than your expectations to produce the final product!


This is how you can make homemade plant food from kitchen waste! It is always better to use organic fertilizers for vegetables instead of synthetic for the health of your own organic farm and yours too!


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