How To Start Organic Farming In Mumbai India!

Organic farming is an earlier popular concept making its reputation again in today’s world. Almost every farmer in India is trying to achieve success in organic farms India. There is a lot of scope for organic farming in India. Not only hardworking farmers but also the top businessman and various communities in India are investing their time and money in promoting techniques relating to organic farming in Mumbai.

Organic farming in Mumbai Image
A natural way of agriculture in Mumbai India.

Organic farming

     Organic farming refers to the system of maintaining consumer health with advanced agricultural practices without harming a single entity of the natural environment. It is an ancient farming technique that got popular in the 20th century and purely avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and serves a righteous amount of organic farming benefits to the end-user.

It has a plus point regarding farming techniques. Organic farming nowadays may or may not require an actual “farm” or a huge landmark. It can also be constructed in the smallest space including your home or on your terrace. As many communities in Mumbai have their own terrace apartments, it is possible for them to start an organic terrace garden.


How organic farming can thrive in Mumbai?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why organic farming can progress itself in such a busy city. 

Less space, high outcome 

Cultivating stock in Mumbai is quite easier to do because fewer amounts of space will not require that much manpower as compared to an agriculture farm. Organic farming combined with hydroponic farm setups will open doors to the techniques consisting of vertical farming, horizontal farming, and much more. Resulting of this, there are few locations of herbivore farms in Mumbai.

Horizontal farming
Hydroponic setup is an efficient method for farming in Mumbai India

Easy market availability for your goods 

      Farm vegetables are good but the freshly produced organic vegetables from your terrace gardens can get wide market linkages throughout Mumbai. Mumbai has a lot of market diversities that can ease your selling and also various options for your vegetables delivery in Mumbai. According to an online survey held in 2017, Mumbai holds 4th place in terms of vegetable consumption amongst the major cities. Due to recent technologies, organic vegetable delivery has become easy and efficient for both the customers and vendors.

This shares an opportunity to increase the number of organic vegetable delivery in Mumbai and deliver the output within Mumbai itself.

         Conservation of resources needed for transportation 

The usual path of farming needs a variety of work after harvesting the product. This includes the cleaning and storing of the goods to make them transportable to several cities as per the requirement. It leads to high manpower and utilization of resources that are necessary to convert it into consumable products. Farming in Mumbai will help to preserve all of these operations. The delivery vegetables will now be able to transfer from Mumbai to small cities in Mumbai itself. This not only will save time, but also the fuel and manpower requirement for transportation.

How to build an organic farm in Mumbai India?

Organic farming in Mumbai is a little bit difficult task for a beginner, but it is simple enough to maintain. There are 2 possible ways to construct an organic farm in your own house or within your surroundings.

Terrace gardening 

This approach is more common to Mumbaikers because it takes very little space as compared to a big warehouse. Terrace gardening will allow you to manage your plants and beds easily and blended with hydroponic farm setups, it becomes the most convenient organic farm for you. 

Rent a small terrain for organic farming in Mumbai

     Acquiring a small ground or an area for organic vegetable farming on a rent basis is the least you can do in Mumbai. It also includes renting a warehouse that makes a proper shelter for your plantations but getting such a warehouse can be a tough process.

Small ground image
Organic farming is possible in the smallest terrain!

Fresh vegetables from the farm only require good amounts of nutrients and less water and soil. A small space will not bother the colonies. Once sown it is a must process to provide them good organic nutrients and enough sunlight. Hence an open grounded space is helpful for better quality goods.


This is how you can proceed with organic farming. Let us have a look at the advantages that you can have by organic farming in Mumbai India.


  • Health benefits: Building a terrace garden in your apartment will provide the best goods made by you. Vegetables, fruits from your own farm can avoid you from being sick regularly.
  • Maintain a better budget: You can totally neglect the effects of the ups and downs in the prices of vegetables and fruits. It is better to have your own organic stuff for you and your family!
  • Superior environment: Greenery near you always boosts your optimistic mindset. It also has benefits regarding filtration of air and having a smooth vivid aromatic experiences in your home.
  • Economic benefit: You can also sell your organic goods to retail or wholesale sellers for large amounts of profits. There is a wide demand for household organic veggies in Mumbai!





…. And many more!

 Things to care about while organic farming in Mumbai India

        Provide enough sunlight 

Arrange and construct your farm according to proper sunlight and natural resources. You can skip the amounts of soil while organic farming but you should not neglect the primary nutrient source i.e. sunlight. Try to keep the agriculture organic space open as much as possible.

        Be cautious with insects and pests

Farming invites pests. Prepare better solutions or mixtures of organic manure that can help you fight those pests and insects. Watering the plantations regularly can help you avoid harmful pesticides. Usage of human excreta, leftover food, animal, and plant wastes, as organic manure can be valuable for the initial development of your gardens. Click here to read about how to create organic manure from kitchen waste!

The main goal of organic farming is to keep the soil in good health. This can be achieved by using proper organic fertilizer for your vegetables and vermicompost it for quality production at the end.




This was all about how you can achieve a better profit by organic farming in Mumbai, India. Yes, it is possible to build an organic farm in Mumbai regardless of space, time, and money. Hard work and consistency are the keys to gain growth in organic farming.

Also, it is applicable to every part of the world that has the ambition to serve nutritious goods to mankind rather than artificial makings. It is possible to turn the world into 100% organic if we continued at this pace!

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