Factors affecting Organic Farming

Factors that affect the growth of organic farming

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming in simple terms can be defined as a new system of farming or agriculture, which repairs, maintains, and helps to improve the ecological balance.

It can be defined as an organic process that uses biological/natural fertilizers and pest control obtained from plant or animal waste. Organic farming was started to counter the rapid use of chemical pesticides and toxic fertilizers which were introduced after the Green Revolution

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What are the Factors that affect Organic Farming?

Let us consider the basic factors which affect Organic Farming

1. Lack of education of farmers – Farmers aren’t well educated towards the practices of organic farming

2. Farmer’s experience – They have no or very less amount of experience in the field of organic farming

3. Economic conditions of the farmer’s household – Not many farmers have the amount to invest in organic farming

what are the economic factors affecting agriculture

Importance of Organic Farming?

8 factors that affect organic farming

Let us take look at factors affecting the adoption of organic vegetable farming

1. Social Factors

Social factors are related to farmers, where they interact with other farmers or advisors. It includes social norms and signal motives

Social norms are types of norms which represent collective representations of acceptable behavior and people perceptions of the adoption of conduct by others

Proximal and distal can be the social factors where farmers are advised to practice specific norms and more sustainable practices. Social factors are studied by social psychologists and sociologists

2. Physical Factors

Physical Factors mainly include Soil, Topography, and climate which affect the organic farming

Soil – Organic farming needs a good quality of soil, which is rich in nutrients. A mixture of non-organic ingredients as well as chemicals affects the soil, which in turn affects organic farming

Topography – This is related to the factor that defines how much difficulty is there to till the land, soil erosion, and poor transportation facilities. Sloppy land makes the use of farming machinery impossible.

Climate – Temperature changes and heavy rainfall affect the growth of organic farming

3. Environmental/Climatic Factors

These include natural factors like Wind, Humidity, Air, Temperature, Water, and Light. Similarly, physical factors such as soil affect the development and growth of the crops

1. Wind

The wind is basically air that results in differences in heat and pressure. Air pressure, Air Quality, and humidity of air are the factors that affect crop growth.

Strong winds affect crop growth and result in poor development of the crops.

2. Humidity

The temperature of the air helps determine the amount of water vapor it will be able to hold. Relative Humidity is one of the factors that affect crop propagation. Leaf and stem of the plants which are cut are kept in plastic tens to increase the humidity of the air

Air – Air is one of the crucial factors in organic farming. The troposphere consists of 21% of oxygen, 1% argon, and 78% nitrogen gases. During photosynthesis, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used by the plants for the completion of the process

Air Quality is one of the significant factors affecting the adoption of organic agriculture in India, and around the world.

3. Temperature

Degree of coldness or hotness of the surrounding which is measured in Celsius C or Fahrenheit F. Temperature affects the overall growth of crops

From Photosynthesis, transpiration, translocation, and more Temperature play an important role. Crops are advised to be grown at a temperature ranging from 0-50 degree Celsius (C)


Water is one of the most important factors for animal and plant life. The amount of water used for growing crops affects their growth and development.

An adequate amount of water or rainfall helps in the great growth of the crops. Excessive or less amount of water also affects their overall quality

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Light is a critical factor in organic farming. Photosynthesis requires light, where plants capture the light energy and uses it to convert water, CO2 (carbon dioxide), and minerals into O2 (oxygen), and other necessary compounds

what are the factors affecting farming photosynthesis

Economic Factors affecting organic farming productions

4.Economic Factors

Organic Farming is mostly affected by economic factors. Increasing competition and low pricing of the crops affects the farmer

Government offers various schemes for the growth of specific crops. This affects the growth and production of different crops, and thus created a scarcity in the market.

Economic factors include Transportation network, costly land, capital that affects the organic farming

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5. Educational Factors

Farmer’s aren’t trained properly or educated fully to adopt the new methods of agriculture. Lack of knowledge in the field of organic farming is a major factor that affects the agriculture

6. Political Factors

No proper guidelines and low wages to farmers are included in the political section.

7. Technology Factors

The lack of use of beneficial technology affects the growth of natural farming. Technology is not used at its fullest in the farming sector

8. Livestock Factors

This is commonly known as domestic animals, where they are raised in a farming field to produce labor and dairy products such as milk, butter, etc.

It creates a massive carbon footprint and also increases global warming

factors affecting adoption of organic vegetable farming in chitwan district nepal


Due to these various reasons, the perception of farmers for organic farming is either encouraged or discouraged.

Organic farming is affected by few factors but organic farming can be done easily with various methods. Also, there are many advantages of organic farming

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