Are organic pesticides good for your farm?

Over the recent years, a massive amount of consumers have grown more health-conscious and environmentally aware. This has caused the demand for organic produce to skyrocket to a whole new level. Numerous stores have huge sections mainly for organic produce such as fruits and vegetables. Many people believe that organic naturally means “pesticide-free” and “chemical-free”, but that is not true. So now the question arises, are organic pesticides good for your farm?

First, let us understand what are organic pesticides?

Are organic pesticides good for your farm?


Organic pesticides, or in other words also called Natural pesticides refer to products that are derived from nature and consist of little to no chemicals within.

On the other hand, synthetic pesticides are products produced from chemical alteration.

While applying organic pesticides to your farm, you need to make sure that there have not been any synthetic pesticides added to the land within the time span of three years prior.

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  • As we know, organic pesticides are directly obtained from natural sources whereas synthetic pesticides are obtained through chemical alterations.
  • Conventional farms mainly use synthetic pesticides which do have an adverse effect on the environment. Both of these pesticides are effective at controlling pests.
  • Organic pesticides take a much longer time to deal with an infestation than synthetic pesticides.
  • This is because synthetic pesticides are chemically engineered for the intended purposes and hence take a lot less time to deal with pests.


  • You need to keep in mind that like synthetic pesticides, organic pesticides also have a broad variety of toxicity levels.
  • Some organic pesticides can be extremely harmful to the farm as well as humans, while many others are safe.
  • Whether it be organic or synthetic pesticides, they should always be handled as a last resort.
  • There are many reasons that we should choose organic pesticides above synthetic pesticides.
  • Organic pesticides are kinder to the environment and help reduce pollution.
  • People who garden organically focus first on growing healthy plants by improving the soil with organic material such as well-rotted manure or home-made garden compost.


  • Cost is always a key factor to consider while choosing a good pesticide for your farm.
  • You do not need to pay more for organic pesticides than synthetic.
  • As long as you choose a good pesticide, your garden will be healthy and strong while also yielding plenty of organic products such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Another challenge is time.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to understand the various natural pesticides and methods and also requires constant attention full year-round.
  • Organic pesticides take a longer time and effort to remove infestations than their synthetic counterpart.
  • Take the time and understand what will suit you the most.


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