5 Most Profitable Crops: Which Will Increase Farmers Income

Today we are going to discuss the most profitable crops which farmers can grow in India and with the help of these crops farmers will able to generate more profit.

India is the top producer country of several crops in the world. Based on seasons crops are divided into 3 types:

  1. Kharif crop
  2. Rabi crop
  3. Zaid crop

Profitable crop

Let us talk about these profitable crops in detail:

– Kharif Crop

Kharif crops are also known as monsoon crops or autumn crops are crops that are cultivated and harvested in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh during the monsoon season. Which lasts from June to November depending on the area. These crops are generally harvested from the third week of September to October. Rice, maize, and cotton are some of the major Kharif crops in India.

– Rabi Crop

Rabi crops or Winter crops are agricultural crops that are cultivated and harvested in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These crops are sown in winter and harvesting of these crops is done in spring. Wheat, Barley, mustard, sesame are some examples of  Rabi crops.

– Zaid Crop

Zaid crops are summer season crops. They grow in a long time period mainly from March to June. These crops are mainly grown in the summer season during a period called the “Zaid crop season.” They require warm dry weather as a major growth period and longer day length for flowering. Examples of Zaid crops are watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, bitter ground, etc.

Now let’s talk about the most profitable crops in detail:

– Rice

Rice is predominantly a Kharif crop. It covers one-third of the total cultivated area of India. Rice is grown almost in all states but there are 3 major rice-producing states Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bengal. Other states which grow rice are Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Assam.

India is the second-largest producer of rice in the world after China. India accounts for 20% of world rice production. Rice importantly grows in high rainfall areas. It requires an average temperature range of 25 degrees and a minimum of 100 cm of rainfall. Coastal areas are the main rice-producing areas of the country.

– Wheat

After rice, wheat is the second main important crop of India after rice. Wheat is a rabi crop, it requires a low temperature to grow so it is mainly grown in the winter season. It is mainly grown in the northwestern part of India.

The wheat crop requires 10 to 15-degree temperature at sowing and 21-26 degrees at the time of harvesting. It required less than 100 cm of rainfall. Wheat is better grown in plain areas.

The top 3 states of wheat production are Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

– Maize

After rice and wheat, maize is an important cereal crop grown in India. Cultivation of maize required temperatures in the range of 21 to 27-degree temperature and rainfall of between 50 to 75 cm.

Maize is mainly cultivated in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.

– Mustard

Mustard is generally used for cooking purposes in India. Mustard is used for making edible oils. It requires a dry and cool climate to grow. It is grown at 10 to 25-degree temperature. Mustard is mainly grown in Rajasthan.

– Cotton

Cotton is one of the most important fibers and considered a profitable cash crop plant to grow. It plays an important role in industries and the agricultural economy.

Cotton requires uniformly high-temperature ranges of 21 to 30 degrees. Mainly cultivated in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andrapradesh.

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This was the 5 most profitable crops which will help the farmer to increase their income.

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