5 Best And Easy Vegetables That Can Grow In Pots

What are organic leafy vegetables in a pot? 

You can choose a variety of vegetable plants for container gardening relating to various benefits. It is feasible for a home with a terrace garden. Now it is possible to grow organic garden vegetables on your own with fewer resources and contributing minimal efforts. There are different vegetable garden ideas when it comes to leafy vegetables. To grow such veggies, all you need is a small space, containers, gardening pots, or large plant pots for your vegetables, and enough sunlight and water supply. In this article, we will explain the best 5 vegetables that can grow in a pot.

Organic vegetables that can grow in pots
5 vegetables that can grow in a pot!

5 popular vegetables that can grow in pots

  • Spinach
  • Amarnath leaves
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Sweet potato
  • Cucumbers

Now let’s dig into it one by one!


   One of the most popular veg that can be grown in pots is Spinach (palak). Growing spinach in pots is the easiest thing to do. It grows so easily in a 6 or more inches deep container and has black tiny plant seeds.

spinach vegetable can grow in a pot
Spinach is really easy and fast to produce!

This plant grows very fast and within a month it is possible to see the final result of the spinach. It is best composted with manure and apply a little bit of water to keep the moist remain in the soil. Harvest the bigger leaves and ignore the small leaves that can be used to produce again. 

Amarnath leaves 

Amarnath has an appearance similar to spinach but is in red color. It is consumed a lot in India and is easy as spinach to produce in your home. Amarnath leaves are rich in protein and help to reduce cholesterol as well as boosts your immunity.

It consists of the same procedure with respect to spinach and has the same time period until harvest. If possible, make a thin layer of soil at the time of planting those seeds as they are relatively smaller than the spinach ones. 

Fenugreek leaves 

Fenugreek leaves also known as methi leaves are again native to India and can grow from market available methi seeds. It is one of the feasible vegetables that can be grown in pots without the need for high efforts. Also, requires full sun and best grown with composted pot soil. It maintains the sugar levels of the blood and has been a boon for diabetic patients for years.

Sweet potato 

Yes, you love potatoes but ever wonder about the sweetest version of it that can grow at your house? The answer is Yes! It needs only 3-4 months to completely harvest the sweet potatoes. All you need is a big container instead of a pot to place all of them into. You can also place plant pots outdoor and grow sweet potatoes!

It has antioxidants properties in them that are vital for the human body. They also have vitamins in them for reducing inflammation and much more. 


The cucumber plant is a fast-growing vegetable that has nice growth in both the pot and container as well. It needs well-fertilized soil and medium to high sun exposure. There are a variety of cucumbers that has uses for pickles as well as for daily usage. It is not quite right to use pickle cucumbers for eating or for making a salad.

Cucumbers are the best product that you can have with minimum investment and in fewer efforts. It also needs less storage for growing (if you chose the right variety).



These are some easiest vegetables that can grow in pots without any high investment or any rich effort. They are all day-to-day cuisine material that you can use for you and your family. Also, you can read more about the most profitable crops that can increase your income by clicking here.

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